We want this compo as fair as possible. We have a jury and public votes.  For public votes, please read "How to vote" first. 

A link for voting will be published here. 

Votes will be weighted. The voting of judges will count 50% or less, depending on the amount of votes.

How to vote

Voting can be a very difficult task. Giving stars seems most appropriate to me, as it is similar to marks in school. 

  • You can give 1 to 5 points/stars.
  • No points/stars, means no voting.
  • 5 stars is the best possible vote. You can give it to a few or many entries.
  • Stars:
    • 1 star is the worst entry. As everybody did his/her best, you should give this vote only, if you think that this entry is not worth being an entry. 1 star could be seen as equivalent of an F in school (failure /"not enough"). In short: avoid this vote.
    • 2 stars for pictures which could be improved  (so so)
    • 3 stars for average pictures (OK)
    • 4 stars for good pictures (you like)
    • 5 stars for very good pictures (you love)
  • When voting, consider several factors:
    • Use of characters
    • Use of colours
    • Effort and complexity
    • Idea / fun / message
    • Uniqueness (vs copy, conversion, ..)
    • Novelty
    • Style
    • Shapes within the painting (squares are easier to paint than circles or other more complex objects)
  • Do not vote for yourself


Will be announced in time.


The jury for 2023 shall consist of the following people:

  • Stefan Vogt is the creator of many text adventures like Hibernated and The Curse of Rabenstein. Moreover, he is an expert in ANSI/ASCII. For example, he took part in the development of ansilove
  • Wolfgang Bochar (wbochar): Made BBS GFX for C64 (PETSCII), Amiga and PC(ANSI). Programmed/GFX for Trogue64 a roguelike for the C64, designed and patched various BBS door's in the day and ran various BBS's (on c64, PC). Classically trained artist and still active in the scene. 
  • Lobo Spitoufs is a well known artist within the scene. Lately, he created a lot of art on the C64 for several games and demos. You may check his art on his homepage here.
  • Andy Zeidler (Shine) started 2013 with PETSCII and 2015 with PETSCII logos. He loves to work on the restrictions of PETSCII and founded PETSCII WORLD (on Facebook, Twitter, Discord). He is the owner of, where you can find almost all of his PETSCII works.