AMSCII Compo Rules

General rules

  • Do not break any laws like copyright, etc.
  • Inappropriate entries may be disqualified or simply ignored.
  • Everybody can participate.
  • Send your entries as .zip file to logiker464 [at] (see below).
  • A link for submissions will appear on the main page in time.
  • Your entry must stay unreleased until the compo is over.
  • No conversions or similar. Please provide handmade ASCII only.
  • If there are enough entries for Mode 0 or Mode 2 there might be an own category.
  • It’s all about fun.
  • Maximum entries per person: 5
  • Submission deadline: See main page.

Technical information:

  • Stay within the given restrictions like resolution and colors (One character per cell with background and foreground colour).
  • Do not use enhanced techniques (tricks) to add more colors, pixels, animations, etc.
  • We recommend to use Playscii with the Amstrad ASCII Exporter as editor
    • Download and installation instructions are here
    • Usage of Playscii is described here


  • Provide following files within one zip file:
    • File runnable with an emulator and on real machines:
      • Exported .bin file obligatory
      • .dsk file if possible
    • Preview as .png file
    • Description file (file_id.diz = info.txt)
    • Source file(s)
    • Steps are not necessary but welcome
  • Avoid special characters in filenames
  • Name following all files identically (except of the extension) if possible
    • Does not count for file_id.diz obviously
    • .bin files can have only 8 characters, so you can name them differently (shorter) as well


  • All entries, that do not apply to the rules, will be put into the Wild category
  • For example, added features like:
    • animation
    • sound
    • characters over characters ("layers")
    • positioned character
    • etc.

Template for file_id.diz

<Name of Release>

Author: <Name of Author or Handle / Group>
Category: <type of release; e.g. ASCII Art (Mode 1)>
System: Amstrad CPC
<your description here>
<notes to the organizers>
<extended description with details about tools used, etc.>

Example for file_id.diz


Author: Max / Superstars
Category: ASCII Art (Mode 1)
System: Amstrad CPC
What a wonder
Created using Playscii with Amstrad ASCII Exporter