Tips for Playscii

Playscii is a multi purpose tool. Therefor it offers features, that you do not need and that might cause troubles. So take care about following tips!

  • Do not change between charsets if possible
  • Check the correct size of the canvas (40 x 25)
  • Use the black/white color palette:
    • Do not use the transparent color
    • Sadly the screen is filled with transparent at the very beginning
    • You could fill the whole screen with a base color (e.g. black background and white foreground colour)
  • Playscii will not warn you if you use the wrong size or wrong colours (e.g. transparent) or wrong characters (e.g. from other charsets)
  • Linux:
    • I was told that the program does not run perfectly on Linux. Folders sometimes do not match due to the case and therefor exist twice. A symbolic link seemed to help out.


ATASCII is used within some demos. Here one pic, that shows what is possible. "Three-eyed" by selenpixelrat: