🎄Vintage Computing Christmas Challenge 2021 (VC³ 2021)🎄

A small programming contest that run from Friday 3.12.2021 until Sunday 19.12.2021. 

The Challenge


  • Create a program that creates the tree as seen within the images above, 1:1 
    • Exactly the same shape
      • No additional characters, etc.
    • Tree has to be centered, if it is possible (for system with a fixed width) 
    • We don't mind colors
    • The program can finish afterwards (return to prompt)
  • Use any machine you like, preferable vintage computers ;-)
  • Use any language you like, preferable on vintage computers ;-)
  • If you use BASIC:
    • Do not include own assembler code
      • PEEK and POKE are allowed
      • Even SYS is allowed (though not preferred)
    • If possible, provide the basic code as text format
  • If you use assembler:
    • Measure the size of the executable (including BASIC starter stub)
    • If possible, measure the size of the code only
    • Please provide the source code and tell us which assembler was used
  • In case of C64:
    • Make the size of the PRG file as small as possible
    • Don't manipulate the file (e.g. truncating the last bytes, changing the start address, etc.)
  • Only one hand-in per person per machine and programming language
  • Target:
    • Have fun!
    • Use your old computer / programming language
    • Try to optimize it (for minimum size or maximum beauty ;-)

The Challenge - Variation 2

  • Be wild/creative and do something similar or totally different ;-) It just should be about Christmas, obviously. 
  • No count restrictions in this case.
  • No strict rules.


  • This is rather a challenge than a competition. So try to have fun.
  • If you want, you can be totally relaxed about the rules and adapt them to your needs. Add some flashing, some animation, some candles, whatever you like.
  • If you want, you can try another approach. Try to optimize the program size as far as you can go. 
  • It's all up to you.
  • Rules are flexible.


  • Do not reveal the code or even the exact size of the code to anyone. This shall be a personal challenge.
  • Submissions are final. No update of your entry. Except for very, very good reasons.
  • Submit following within one zip file:
    • an image of the result
    • source code in native format (e.g. assembler, BASIC, …)
    • an image of the source code listed on the native machine; can be integrated with the image of the result (optional, but highly appreciated; especially for BASIC)
    • source code as readable text file
    • compiled code (if existing, e.g. when using assembler)
    • An info file (e.g. file_id.diz) that provides at least the following information:
      • Author
      • System
      • Language used (name and possibly version)
      • Length of source code (e.g. assembler source or text file, if BASIC was used)
      • Length of executable file
      • Length of executed code (valid for assembler only; length of executable without BASIC stub)
      • Instructions on how to run the code (e.g. which emulator to use and what to do; could be as simple as: Install vice, drag and drop the prg file into it)
    • Provide a description of how the code works
    • Filenames could be named like this: <username>_<system>_vc3-2021.zip, e.g. joe_cpc_basic_vc3-2021.zip
  • Send your submission(s) to:  logiker464 [ät] gmail (dot) com

Sample Code

100 print "                   *
110 print "                  ***
120 print "                 *****
130 print "                *******
140 print "                  ***
150 print "                *******
160 print "              ***********
170 print "            ***************
180 print "                 *****
190 print "              ***********
200 print "           *****************
210 print "        ***********************
220 print "                  ***
230 print "                  ***

This version is not highly optimized. 


(I might find some random prize for some random participant. No guarantee though. Remember, it's all for fun!)

The random prize selected by %random% ;-) went to Michal Lokša. He selected the following game out of many: "Deponia: The Complete Journey". Congratulations and have fun!


The entries can be seen in the following YouTube video.