We want this compo as fair as possible. Therefore, we have a jury and public votes. 

How to vote 

Voting can be a very difficult task. Giving stars seems most appropriate to me, as it is similar to marks in school. 

  • You can give 1 to 5 stars.
  • 5 stars is the best possible vote. You can give it to a few or many entries.
  • No stars, means no voting.
  • Vote for all entries. But:
  • Do not vote for yourself (leave your own entry empty)
  • Stars:
    • 1 star is the worst entry. As everybody did his/her best, you should give this vote only, if you think that this entry is not worth being an entry. 1 star could be seen as equivalent of an F in school (failure /"not enough"). In short: avoid this vote.
    • 2 stars for pictures which could be improved  (so so)
    • 3 stars for average pictures (OK)
    • 4 stars for good pictures (you like)
    • 5 stars for very good pictures (you love)
  • When voting, consider several factors:
    • Use of characters
    • Use of colours
    • Effort and complexity
    • Idea / fun / message
    • Uniqueness (vs copy, conversion, ..)
    • Novelty
    • Style
    • Shapes within the painting (squares are easier to paint than circles or other more complex objects)

Public voting

  • Please refer to the "How to vote".
  • Do not vote for yourself.
  • Your votes are private. They will not be published.
  • Voting is not anonymous to the organizers, though. You don't need to be ashamed of your taste, do you?
  • So if you read until here, feel free to vote.


Our international jury consists among others of the following people:

  • Stefan Vogt is the creator of many text adventures like Hibernated and The Curse of Rabenstein. Moreover he is an expert in ANSI/ASCII. For example he took part in the development of ansilove
  • Wolfgang Bochar (wbochar): Made BBS GFX for C64 (PETSCII), Amiga and PC(ANSI). Programmed/GFX for Trogue64 a roguelike for the C64, designed and patched various BBS door's in the day and ran various BBS's (on c64, PC). Classically trained artist and still active in the scene. 
  • Lobo Spitoufs is a well known artist within the scene. Lately, he created a lot of art on the C64 for several games and demos. You may check his art on his homepage here.
  • Sascha Kriegel is currently the president of the Atari Bit Byter User Club e.V. (ABBUC) and Atari User since 1979. He wrote lots of articles for AMC-Magazin, ZONG and ABBUC Magazin as well as some simple Intros. Besides Ataris, he loves and owns nearly all 8Bit machines and also is part of the 10Liners Basic Contest Jury.