Pararaum's Picture Interpretation Challenge

Compo at Vintage Computing Carinthia Meeting $27

Make a graphic for a retro system that interprets the painting (aka color test) of Pararaum. Remote submissions are welcome!

This is a fun compo. We will have a voting, but please don't take it to serious. There are no strict rules, but let's discuss some edge cases:

Does it have to be PG?
Let's say R 15+. We might have young viewers, so avoid explicit imaging. Some naked skin is not a problem. This is the only real restriction.
Can I also make an expressive dance performance of the image and submit it as sprite animation?
Absolutely yes!
Can I make a music piece to accompany my picture?
Can I leave out the graphics and just submit the music?
Are games allowed?
Do you mean you want to submit a game or play a game instead of making the graphic? Anyway, knock yourself out!

Submissions should be sent to the mail adress frodewin Klammeraffe gmx punctum net. Please add instructions how to open and show your contribution, unless it is self-explaining.

Don't publish your submission before it is shown at the compo at VCC $27.

Deadline for submission is April 5th, 11:59PM.